Let It Go!

by Jonathan Havens/Managing Partner

To quote a Disney movie or not, “just let it go.” That’s right, let it go. The whole idea of relinquishing control to another entity is always a source of potential angst and fear of the unknown. However there is a flip side to the coin of “oh no, I’m not in control and something bad is going to happen.” That could be, perhaps, something more beautiful & precious than you ever could’ve imagined! Working with others may be one of the most liberating experiences you’ve ever had. Giving to others, more than not, will be returned to you ten fold!

As a business owner, this may also result in a new level of awareness of your company’s brand and an enlightened consciousness that you’ve never experienced before. h2o is a collaborative company! We work with our clients to bring your ideas, your dreams and visions to life. The client that relinquishes the most control and allows the collaborative creative process to breathe receive the very best that our company has to offer. This can be applied to many areas of life, not only the creative process for an advertising/creative design firm, but any collaborative venture you might enter in life. Have fun and let it go.