Handwritten Typography

by John Daniel/President & Founding Partner

Yes, you say you wish to stand out from the normal?

Authenticity is the key… separate your look from the rest by adding handwritten type. Created with iPad or pen & paper, we supersede expectations by developing custom client fonts, handwritten headlines, marketing pieces, posters and social media posts… breaking through the clutter of normal… and we have a lot of fun doing it!

Here are some recent h2o examples:

Unison Behavioral Health

Custom family of handwritten headlines created for Social Media Campaign

Unison Fb Post800x600 1
Unison Fb Post800x600 2
Unison Fb Post800x600 3
Run Ernie Run

T-shirt art for national fundraising campaign… all art lettering drawn on iPad

Cargo Portside Grill

Custom promotional recipe posters created for local restaurant

Poster Braised Approved 1
Poster Crabcakes 1
Amelia Tavern

Brew Pub point of purchase large scale signage… all created by hand on iPad

The Wall
Bar Final Raster All