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Tips For Your Website

by Madison Mason/Web Developer

Have you taken a good look at your website lately? Maybe it seems a little outdated or bland. Maybe you don’t even have a website. Either way, I’m here to tell you about some key features your updated website should have and I am going to use a website that we have recently launched to show you!

by John Daniel/President & Founding Partner

Yes, you say you wish to stand out from the normal?

Authenticity is the key… separate your look from the rest by adding handwritten type.


Let It Go!

by Jonathan Havens/Managing Partner

To quote a Disney movie or not, “just let it go.” That’s right, let it go. The whole idea of relinquishing control to another entity is always a source of potential angst and fear of the unknown. However there is a flip side to the coin of “oh no, I’m not in control and something bad is going to happen.”