King & Prince Seafood

Sensations® Food Truck Concept Campaign

King & Prince Seafood® sells quality seafood items to operators all over North America. Their popular Sensations® product line consists of blends of ready-to-eat, surimi seafood. To help promote Sensations to operators, we wanted to come up with a concept that showed how the portability, great taste and easy prep of Sensations played well with current food trends. What better way to show operators how versatile and easy Sensations can be than with a food truck serving only menu items created with Sensations?


  • Food Truck Logo
  • Tote Bag Mockup
  • King And Prince Logo Sketch
  • Jumbo Crab Sketch
  • Lobster Sketch
  • Scallop Sketch
  • Seafood Sketch
  • Food Truck Sketch 1
  • Food Truck Sketch 2

Everything needed to be centered around the food truck – and not just a physical food truck, but the idea of the food truck as it related to trends and versatility. We wanted to play up the hand-crafted-on-the-spot quality of great food-truck food, so we redid all the Sensations® logos with a hand-crafted, chalkboard look to use in the campaign. The “hero” photo shots were all centered around a busy-looking food truck, showcasing happy people enjoying all kinds of portable menu items made with Sensations.

Booklet & Coupon

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Social Media

Collateral Graphics

These were created for use across the campaign.


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