Based in Historic Downtown Brunswick, h2o creative group is a collection of individuals who have pooled their expertise to create a powerful marketing & design agency, garnering consistent national recognition for our work. We provide services throughout the Golden Isles and Southeast Georgia with a reach extending across the United States. 

h2o creative group is a relationship-based company. Since 2009, we continuously push our clients’ brand and message to the forefront of the market, bringing vitality, out-of-the-box thinking and creative energy to everything we do. We aim to be our Clients’ trusted long-term partner and collaborate with them to offer creative solutions, comprehensive marketing strategies, including branding and corporate identity, advertising, graphic design, web design and programming, packaging, photography, and videography.


Services We Provide


Why is @islandadguy so hyped? Join Wharfratz and @brunswickmusicdistrict on Saturday, May 8 from 5-8pm at Jekyll Square East next to @tipsymcsway! Sponsored by his favorite marketing agency, h2o creative group #h2olife
Nurture that brand. Allow that brand to evolve and grow. Encourage your brand to flourish. Pay attention to when your brand is in need of something.
Your brand is not a set-it-and-forget-it. It has the ability to give life to your business. Your clients, customers and followers want to see that brand in action. 
Is your brand in need of some h2o? Sometimes a creative refresh will do the trick. Other times we dive deeper. Either way, we’ve got some green thumbs in house to guide you the whole way. Ya dig it? #h2olife
The preservation of our Golden Isles is a cause we will always feel passionate about here at h2o. We give back to the community that provides for us and we respect the beauty that surrounds us. 
This time lapse  for St. Simons Land Trust is a preserved property on an island called Cannon’s Point Preserve, an undeveloped 608-acre wilderness tract. Cannon’s Point Preserve is protected in perpetuity under a conservation easement held by The Nature Conservancy and is a no-take preserve.
We want to thank all of our community leaders who have taken on the responsibility to keep the Golden Isles alive and protected. 
Georgia Conservancy: @gaconservancy 
SSI Land Trust: @stsimonslandtrust 
100 Miles: @onehundredmiles 
Keep Golden Isles Beautiful: @keepgoldenislesbeautiful 
Coastal Wildscapes: @coastalwildscapes 
GA DNR Coastal Resources: @gadnrcoastal 
UGA Marine Extension: @gacoast.uga 
and many more! #h2olife 
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Tomorrow morning, bright and early, rise and shine with our Account Executive and Partner, @lsabbe. Will he cook? Will he dance? Will he cry? Tune in to the stories to see! #h2olife
We live in a visual world. 
Digital advertising, social media marketing, promotional material and print will all need to represent your brand effectively and thoroughly. A well designed brand will not be over looked. It will stand out from the crowd and demand a double take. So you get to thinking, planning and dreaming. We'll get to the brainstorming, creating and designing. #h2olife
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We aren’t going to lie to you, though. It’s really difficult to share a @valenza_restaurant creation topped with our favorite @highroadcraft ice cream. For the sake of a fun, creative and incredibly delicious photoshoot for our client partners at High Road, we played nice. But just know that when the camera went down, the competition (and spoons) went up. #h2olife
She’s doing it and doing it and doing it well. It’s the one and only, d - o - double g, Amanda. Her desk is messy, work’s full, creative vibe is heavy. There’s sushi on her sweater (mom’s spaghetti). Here’s to spending the rest of your life in a gangsta’s paradise. We’ve got 99 problems, but Blyler ain’t one. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! #h2olife
“My family was, is and will always be my inspiration.” -Eliza, h2o photography intern. We thought there would be no better day to share her inspiration than her wedding day! Here’s to all the memories, happiness and inspiration you find today, Liza.  #h2olife
“Print Is Not Dead. A declaration that, as a photographer, has always hit hard. I am humbled to share the pages amongst other amazing artists and authors in @bittersoutherner first printed piece. I originally wrote this piece for their website, featuring my first collection of aerial images, married to words from my heart. Take away two things here folks: Georgia Has A Coast and Print Is Not Dead.” -Benjamin Galland, h2o Photographer and Founding Partner. @benjamingalland 
We all have to start somewhere.
Even with our trades here at h2o, we each had to start from the beginning, then let that tidal wave of creativity take over.
When a client comes to us with just an idea and passion, better believe we are 💯 here for it. Building those dreams from the ground up is where you really get to see the dedication behind the scenes. 
So if you’re ready to see that brand grow, you’ll want a little h2o. #h2olife #heythatrhymes

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(912) 275-7846