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Secure Your Email with DMARC Management Services

At h2o Creative Group, we understand the critical importance of securing your email communications. That’s why our DevDen Team is excited to offer comprehensive DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) management services, designed to protect your domain from email spoofing, phishing attacks, and other cyber threats.

What is DMARC?

DMARC is an email validation system that protects your company’s email domains from being used for email spoofing, phishing scams, and other cybercrimes. DMARC allows email domain owners to protect their domain from unauthorized use, commonly known as email spoofing. The protocol uses SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) to ensure emails are authenticated before reaching their destinations and provides robust reporting mechanisms to domain owners.

Why Choose h2o Creative Group’s DMARC Management Services?

Expert Setup and Configuration: Our DevDen Team specializes in the correct setup and fine-tuning of DMARC records to align with your organization’s email authentication practices and security policies. We handle the complexities so you don’t have to.

Continuous Monitoring and Reporting: Stay ahead of attackers with our continuous monitoring services. We provide detailed reports that analyze your email traffic and highlight potential security threats, allowing you to respond promptly and effectively.

Enhanced Email Deliverability: With DMARC correctly implemented, you’ll see an improvement in email deliverability rates. Emails verified by DMARC protocols are more likely to reach your customers’ inboxes, ensuring reliable communication.

Protect Your Brand Reputation: Safeguard your brand from being exploited in phishing scams. Our DMARC services help maintain your brand’s integrity and build trust with your customers by ensuring that only authorized emails reach their inboxes.

Compliance Assurance: Many industries are required to meet specific regulatory standards related to data protection and privacy. Our DMARC services help ensure that your email practices comply with these regulations, reducing the risk of costly penalties and legal issues.

Get Started Today

Don’t let your business be vulnerable to email-based threats. Contact the h2o Creative Group’s DevDen Team today to discuss how our DMARC management services can add an essential layer of protection to your email systems. Protect your domain, safeguard your reputation, and enhance your email deliverability with our expert DMARC management services.

Call us at 912-275-7846 or email us at for a consultation and take the first step towards secure email communication.

Web Development

h2o named Top 20 Web Developers by DesignRush

h2o creative group has recently been named one of the Top 20 Web Development companies is the Savannah, Georgia region by DesignRush.  DesignRush scours the market and ranks agency on a multitude for factors and h2o is proud to have been selected. Businesses need to find professional partners who have the necessary knowledge, trustworthy team members and proven track record of success. But this arduous task is time-consuming and unrefined.  DesignRush helps connect the dots between experienced professionals and those businesses in need of services.

h2o creative group is proud to serve our clients with customized WordPress websites to meet a multitude of needs.  Take a look at some of our sample work.

“Get on Board” with h2o, iMint media, and King & Prince Seafood

iMint media, h2o, and King & Prince with Telly Award

iMint media together with h2o and King & Prince Seafood created a video in 2018 that was recently awarded a Bronze Telly Award in the Craft-Branded Content category.

Founded 40 years ago, The Telly Awards honor excellence in commercials, non-broadcast video, and television programming. In line with the rise in digital video, The Telly Awards continue to grow to celebrate the era of on and offline media.

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Explore Georgia Culinary Guide

Explore Georgia Culinary Guide

It started with food. Don’t all good things? It was a brunch brainstorm with the Georgia Department of Economic Development. The topic: showcasing Georgia’s culinary masterpieces. They wanted a newly designed culinary guide for the state including restaurants, chefs, recipes, and products—a huge project with a short deadline, and we were starving for it.

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save the date

h2o creative group is turning 10!

2019 commemorates 10 years of laughter and listening.

In true h2o fashion, we will celebrate this milestone anniversary with you, our team, families, friends, clients, vendors.

Join us May 10th, six o’clock p.m.

Right next door to our office:
1206 Newcastle street, Downtown Brunswick.

It’s going to be good. It’s going to be fun. It’s going to be loud.

It’s going to be big, h2o big!

h2o celebrates 10 year anniversary

In 2009, fueled by a dream, our founders Ben Galland and John Daniel set out to make their mark on our local community.

Today, h2o creative group is a talented team of 10 full-time members whose expertise enable us to offer a broad range of services, garnering consistent national recognition for our work.

Our president credits our success to a solid team, who continuously pushes our clients’ brand and message to the forefront of the market. “We bring vitality, out-of-the-box thinking and creative energy to everything we do,” says Daniel. “We aim to be our Clients’ trusted long-term partner.”

In order to commemorate this year of festivity, we have designed an anniversary logo, h2oX, and solidified our brand to reflect our creativity, diversity, and artistic background.

In true h2o fashion, we will celebrate our team, clients, vendors and milestone anniversary throughout the year, and it’s going to be big, h2o big!

Stay tuned!

h2o Christmas Video

Dear Friends,

We’d like to thank you for your loyalty and goodwill. Without you, there’d be no h2o creative group.

We hope your Christmas and New Year’s are as wonderful as you are, and that you’ll find your home full of love, warmth and laughter.

This year, we are taking our holiday spirit over the top!