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becca proudfoot

Project Manager

Becca hails from Jesup, Georgia but moved to Brunswick to pursue a Bachelor of Marketing Degree at the College of Coastal Georgia. She is a project manager here at h2o with the determination to make things happen. When she’s not talking with clients and using her creativity at h2o, you can find her outside exploring. (probably somewhere near the salt water)

What moves me

  • Bodies of water, being on a boat in the ocean, being on the beach, swimming in a pool…
  • The sound of rain & how calming it is
  • Delicious food (& eating a lot of it)
  • Music of any kind, except the screaming kind
  • The beauty of the sun rising and setting (especially over a body of water)

what doesn’t move me

  • Traffic
  • Annoying people
  • Being hAngry
  • Cold weather
  • The inability to find something to wear, even though I have way too many choices.