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Legacy in identity

Purchasing an existing business can have its challenges- a challenge we welcome with open arms, minds, and sketchbooks. Introducing a new brand and maintaining company relationships need heavy hands in marketing which includes a lot of strategies, innovation, and a fervent squeeze of h2o creativity.


The Shanks family of White Star Supply reached out to h2o creative group to create their new brand identity as they began their journey as the new owners of the former Coley Electric of Brunswick and Waycross. Branding, website, signage, social media, digital advertising, and strategy became the Phase I goals with everything stemming from the creation of their now locally recognized logo.  

“The biggest challenge for this project early on was creating a new brand with the intention of preserving the legacies of both a well-established local company, Coley Electric, and the former family company of Mrs. Shanks’ father, White Star Inc.–all the while balancing the new brand’s appeal to their existing commercial accounts and new homeowners. 

After our initial discovery meeting with Brad and Kimsey Shanks, we researched trends within their industry and from other companies that utilize a white star as a motif, to make sure their new brand fit within their industry while also standing out from the competition. We generated four logo concepts, each with a unique voice. The Shanks chose a concept that we refined to a logo that best fit their intention.”

 – Andrew Shacklett, h2o Designer

“Strategy is everything. We’ve been that perfect strategic partner for the new White Star Supply Company. Thinking and planning ahead of the next corner, we’ve created anywhere from content calendars to full annual marketing calendars. We are their ‘idea team’ when it comes to all marketing needs and efforts.”

 – John Daniel, Account Executive

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