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Strong business.
Stronger brand.

A strong business needs a strong brand. Lucky for our clients, we’re heavy lifters in the brand development department.


Coastal Mortgage Solutions (CMS) came to us as a successful business of three distinctive personalities with a whole lot of goals, ideas, and vision. In order to assist CMS in reaching its objectives, we needed to define a core brand message that was shared by all three and support it with a strong brand image. We wanted all three major CMS players’ unique voices amplified in the message we push out. 

Our strategy came in phases in order to optimize our efforts and results. Phase I consisted of marketing a brand that is recognizable in the community. We took this unique opportunity of having the three key players’ persona tied to the brand itself. Coastal Mortgage Solutions was to be identified by not only the name and logo, but by the professionals, you meet when you work with them.

“Sure, there are challenges bringing three distinct personalities together in one brand voice, but the CMS team welcomes and encourages a creative approach. It makes conceptualizing ideas easier and frankly, it makes photoshoots much more interesting. So when’s the next one, pro?”

Jess Austin, Strategy & Social Media Director

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