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Campaigning through
a pandemic

2020? Never heard of it. Except we have. We lived it. We quarantined it. We evolved from it. We grew in it. And by “we”, we’re talking about the collective relationships between h2o and our client partners. A perfect example of a company taking an unprecedented situation and pushing forward is one of our oldest clients, King & Prince Seafood (K&P).


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As a B2B company, K&P saw many of its foodservice customers struggle during the pandemic. Struggling to keep enough staff, keep enough supply, and just to stay open. K&P challenged us to position the Sensations product as valuable, versatile, and easy-prep so that their clients could easily serve unique, quality seafood menu items while keeping labor costs low and boosting profits. Together we needed to find a way to acknowledge the pain points faced by operators and position K&P Sensations as a tool to help them bounce back after the shutdowns.

After some concept brainstorming, we ultimately landed on “Survive & Thrive” as a theme. It was immediately both relevant and optimistic for the target audience of foodservice operators. Based on research to find the right look and feel, we designed the campaign booklet to have a format of a “survival handbook” that is easily portable and designed to deliver only essential, helpful recipes & details. This style was carried across all campaign pieces.

King & Prince Seafood is a large seafood processing company serving foodservice operators with three facilities nationwide. They have almost 100 years experience in the seafood industry, with a wide range of seafood products, and they pride themselves on exceeding customer expectations. We have worked closely with their marketing team for many years, helping to create four large campaigns a year to build awareness for operators on different King & Prince products.

King & Prince values their relationships with their customers, as much as we do here at h2o. We were happy to help K&P design this campaign that they could use to assist their foodservice customers through some of the hardest parts of the pandemic.”

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