morgan rooks

Designer + Web Project Manager

Morgan Rooks is a graphic and web designer who dabbles in code. In the words of our dearly beloved Smash Mouth, “The years start coming and they don’t stop coming”. This is true since Morgan has worked on projects for leading brands and charities for the past 10 years. She maintains a healthy balance between functionality and visual impact in her work. In her spare time, she enjoys watching movies and making playlists that probably existed on a burned CD with the names of the songs written in Sharpie. Some say she still downloads Limewire onto her unsuspecting relative’s computers. But, you didn’t hear that from us.

What moves me

  • Music, Music, Music, did I mention Music?
  • Disney World
  • Swings
  • The freedom of my own creativity
  • The night sky and what is beyond

what doesn’t move me

  • Boring food
  • Strict guidelines
  • Creative cages
  • 80s music
  • Romcoms

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