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Secure Your Email with DMARC Management Services

At h2o Creative Group, we understand the critical importance of securing your email communications. That’s why our DevDen Team is excited to offer comprehensive DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) management services, designed to protect your domain from email spoofing, phishing attacks, and other cyber threats.

What is DMARC?

DMARC is an email validation system that protects your company’s email domains from being used for email spoofing, phishing scams, and other cybercrimes. DMARC allows email domain owners to protect their domain from unauthorized use, commonly known as email spoofing. The protocol uses SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) to ensure emails are authenticated before reaching their destinations and provides robust reporting mechanisms to domain owners.

Why Choose h2o Creative Group’s DMARC Management Services?

Expert Setup and Configuration: Our DevDen Team specializes in the correct setup and fine-tuning of DMARC records to align with your organization’s email authentication practices and security policies. We handle the complexities so you don’t have to.

Continuous Monitoring and Reporting: Stay ahead of attackers with our continuous monitoring services. We provide detailed reports that analyze your email traffic and highlight potential security threats, allowing you to respond promptly and effectively.

Enhanced Email Deliverability: With DMARC correctly implemented, you’ll see an improvement in email deliverability rates. Emails verified by DMARC protocols are more likely to reach your customers’ inboxes, ensuring reliable communication.

Protect Your Brand Reputation: Safeguard your brand from being exploited in phishing scams. Our DMARC services help maintain your brand’s integrity and build trust with your customers by ensuring that only authorized emails reach their inboxes.

Compliance Assurance: Many industries are required to meet specific regulatory standards related to data protection and privacy. Our DMARC services help ensure that your email practices comply with these regulations, reducing the risk of costly penalties and legal issues.

Get Started Today

Don’t let your business be vulnerable to email-based threats. Contact the h2o Creative Group’s DevDen Team today to discuss how our DMARC management services can add an essential layer of protection to your email systems. Protect your domain, safeguard your reputation, and enhance your email deliverability with our expert DMARC management services.

Call us at 912-275-7846 or email us at for a consultation and take the first step towards secure email communication.

Web Development

Coastal Outreach Soccer

encompassing the COS brand

“If you build it, they will come.”  – misquoted quote, Kevin Costner.

Coastal Outreach Soccer (COS) is a local nonprofit that provides athletic and academic opportunities for children of underserved and low-income families of Brunswick, GA and surrounding areas. COS partnered with Atlanta United Football Club to construct a new Futsal Court to better reach the community’s youth. 


COS has a big story to tell – their athletics, academics, and community outreach programs are varied and expansive. The primary challenge: how do we communicate their story visually in a way that is both comprehensive and appealing to kids? The secondary challenge: how do we apply this design language to the entire project–not just a sign on the gate. How do we take visitors from the community and fully immerse them in the COS culture?

With research on how other non-profit organizations achieved similar projects, Designer Andrew Shacklett then dove into finding out ways that COS and the Futsal Court stood apart. Working with the COS staff, Andrew and Project Manager John Daniel, created a concept that encompassed the COS brand, the new project, and the goals they wanted to achieve. This artistically, the illustration-heavy concept would then migrate to the windscreens, kicking walls, print material, and more, including future Futsal locations. 

On March 24, 2022, the opening of the Futsal Court became more than just a ribbon-cutting of a new recreational area–it was a community celebration. Over 200 people attended, including members of local government, the Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce, professional soccer players and staff from Atlanta United, and NFL’s Darius Slay Jr., a major sponsor and supporter of COS. 

h2o creative group is proud to partner with COS and be a small part of the bigger picture change they are making in our community and youth. 

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Glen Ella

h2o escapes
to the mountains

A historical bed & breakfast hidden away in the magical North Georgia mountains invites h2o creative group to capture all the beauty they have to offer. As past guests of this breathtaking establishment, of course, we turn this into an opportunity to tell the visual story of the experience we received at the inn.


Glen Ella Springs Inn & Restaurant reached out to h2o creative group for updated property photography after working together on a project for their local Chamber of Commerce and tourism campaign in Habersham County of North Georgia. Updated suites, curated menu, wonderfully kept grounds and unique amenities were to be the highlight during this particular photo shoot. 

Photographer Ben Galland and stylist Jess Austin were tasked to honor the already established brand in order to add new photography to their website, listings, and social media, but also to tap into the charm and personality of Glen Ella with an always evolving digital audience. As a partner with the prestigious Select Registry, we wanted to show that Glen Ella exceeds standards with their service and accommodations. 

With research on other independent properties in their market, as well as conversations with the owners on what they wanted to showcase, we quickly found the details of Glen Ella that stood out the most. Owners Luci and Ed Kivett, true to their hosting and hospitality reputation, went above and beyond preparing the photoshoot with a decadent menu and local talent that were an absolute joy to work with. 

“The results can truly be seen in the photographs. The suites are comforting, inviting and full of personality. The dining experience is intimate, welcoming and undeniably delicious. The property is breathtaking, thoughtfully tended to and dream worthy.”

– Jess Austin, Stylist

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Coastal Mortgage Solutions

Strong business.
Stronger brand.

A strong business needs a strong brand. Lucky for our clients, we’re heavy lifters in the brand development department.


Coastal Mortgage Solutions (CMS) came to us as a successful business of three distinctive personalities with a whole lot of goals, ideas, and vision. In order to assist CMS in reaching its objectives, we needed to define a core brand message that was shared by all three and support it with a strong brand image. We wanted all three major CMS players’ unique voices amplified in the message we push out. 

Our strategy came in phases in order to optimize our efforts and results. Phase I consisted of marketing a brand that is recognizable in the community. We took this unique opportunity of having the three key players’ persona tied to the brand itself. Coastal Mortgage Solutions was to be identified by not only the name and logo, but by the professionals, you meet when you work with them.

“Sure, there are challenges bringing three distinct personalities together in one brand voice, but the CMS team welcomes and encourages a creative approach. It makes conceptualizing ideas easier and frankly, it makes photoshoots much more interesting. So when’s the next one, pro?”

Jess Austin, Strategy & Social Media Director

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North Georgia Technical College

Campaigning the heroes

When the pandemic hit in 2020, there wasn’t a single market that wasn’t affected in one way or another. Schools were closed which left higher education to rely on and push online classes harder than ever. When every other school is in the same predicament, the question for North Georgia Technical College (NGTC) was “How do we increase enrollment with a unique campaign that stands out from the competition?” 


As the positive hype group we were born to be, h2o creative group agreed with NGTC that their angle needed to not be just another generic solution to a widespread problem, but an uplifting and encouraging pathway for their student’s future. NGTC offers a wide variety of programs that supply the frontline workforce. The need for these careers rose exponentially and it was clear our approach was to reach out to those who had a calling as an essential worker.

“We Train Heroes” emerged as the campaign focus. It immediately focuses on NGTC’s proven vocational programs and how important frontline careers are for communities. NGTC not only provides programs towards a future but a purposeful and fulfilling pathway for students to shine. Along with the bold tagline, we focused on the true “hero” photography styles of students in their uniform. The campaign provided a sense of confidence, hope, and necessity.  

The We Train Heroes campaign became more than just boosting enrollment. It created a sense of pride for the students who were pursuing those pathways and for NGTC to provide a meaningful future for that generation. There was a sudden need, and the North Georgia community addressed it. 

“Working with H2o creative group helped us focus our energy and messaging to make sure our communication strategy was right on target. They are a fabulous team with so much creative talent! Their team of brilliant minds made our We Train Heroes come alive with a personal spark during a really dark time for our community during Covid. Our community loved seeing our students and programs in the spotlight for their true heroism. I am very thankful we had h2o creative group to help us develop and launch this needed campaign in a crisis crunch time for our community.”

-Amy Hulsey, NGTC Vice President Community & College Relations, Marketing & Public Relations

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Coastal Pines

level up
your campaigns

Ideate. Design. Develop. That was the goal in 2013 when Okefenokee Tech and Altamaha Tech merged to become Coastal Pines Technical College (CPTC).


Working hand-in-hand with the board members, we developed the now current CPTC brand and subsequent marketing pieces. As their creative team, we design, develop and assist with many levels of their long-term brand marketing, including unique and attention-grabbing campaigns for semester enrollments. 

With a broad spectrum of programs offered by CPTC, we had the challenge of conceptualizing an enrollment campaign that would not only stay true to the brand but allow potential students to envision their future selves after graduation. 

Coastal Pines has reached record enrollment levels, established itself as the Model Technical College by the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG), and has won many awards along the way. The secret to their success? Dedication to supplying the workforce of Southeast Georgia, an amazing leadership team, and the encouragement they have given their marketing group (hey, that’s us) to keep pushing the boundaries.

Since the demographic was very broad, we wanted to create something unique in a way that it captures a wide audience. Something bold came from our research in looking at other technical colleges around the area. The goal is to always stand out in the crowd of others.

morgan rooks – designer

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Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce

keeping it local

In the fall 2019, the Brunswick Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce and Golden Isles Development Authority completed a rebranding project to create a cohesive appearance for the two organizations that work very closely with one another in promoting a shared vision. The two organizations chose h2o Creative Group marketing firm for their rebranding efforts including a comprehensive redesign of the organizations’ brands, logos, websites and communications collateral.


The Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce’s primary responsibility is to its members and is committed to promoting a positive economic climate, through the support and initiation of projects and programs benefiting the community’s welfare. It was important for us to choose a local firm to complete this project and h2o Creative Group provided us a unique experience with understanding our mission, vision, and goals of the project.

WANT – We believe our business community has so many wonderful stories to tell and celebrate. When working with h2o, it is important to make sure we are reflecting the vision and mission of our organization while also telling our community stories of success and growth. 

EXPECTATIONS – The Chamber encourages a strong local economy and quality of life by promoting sound government through engaged membership. The creative team at h2o gets that and continues to help guide us in all our projects and through website development to make sure every video recorded, a story published, and event held we promote our key strengths through a creative vision and storytelling. 

TRAITS CAPTURED – Integrity, Results-Oriented, Collaborative, and Passionate are key traits h2o has helped capture through our Shop Local Campaigns, Grits and Issues, and numerous other community projects.

CONTINUED – We hope to continue our long-standing relationship with h2o Creative Group through many more collaborative-based projects.

CAMPAIGNS – The groove of h2o and the Chamber is in one phrase “a solid collaboration.” Consistent positive and timely communication is the key to a successful relationship between two companies. We have it with h2o. We can speak openly about our visions and goals as it relates to different campaigns, so the end products are exactly what we envisioned.

GOALS – The primary goal of every project we work on is to have it directly benefit our community. We strive to constantly access the needs of the business community and strive for innovative solutions to advance and promote a positive business climate. We believe that h2o does this well by adapting our website to meet the needs of our marketing and event efforts while also capturing the hard work we do through our events and community-based projects.

Conceptualizes – The creative team at h2o always provides creative suggestions on projects as we are building our marketing plan or creative makeup of an event. They say, “I think I get what you are trying to accomplish, here is how we can help” and we appreciate that approach. They want the Chamber to succeed and as a partner knowing we have a strong relationship with them helps us in moving forward with big and small projects with confidence.

The rebranding project was a huge step in forming the strong relationship the Chamber has with h2o. I would be willing to say it laid the groundwork for the entire relationship. They communicate very well with us and always follow up with questions or answers to meet our needs. We understand we are not their only partner, but when we work with them, we feel as though we are. It is a great partnership. 

Guest blog entry by: Ralph Staffins, Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce President and CEO

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