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In the fall 2019, the Brunswick Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce and Golden Isles Development Authority completed a rebranding project to create a cohesive appearance for the two organizations that work very closely with one another in promoting a shared vision. The two organizations chose h2o Creative Group marketing firm for their rebranding efforts including a comprehensive redesign of the organizations’ brands, logos, websites and communications collateral.


The Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce’s primary responsibility is to its members and is committed to promoting a positive economic climate, through the support and initiation of projects and programs benefiting the community’s welfare. It was important for us to choose a local firm to complete this project and h2o Creative Group provided us a unique experience with understanding our mission, vision, and goals of the project.

WANT – We believe our business community has so many wonderful stories to tell and celebrate. When working with h2o, it is important to make sure we are reflecting the vision and mission of our organization while also telling our community stories of success and growth. 

EXPECTATIONS – The Chamber encourages a strong local economy and quality of life by promoting sound government through engaged membership. The creative team at h2o gets that and continues to help guide us in all our projects and through website development to make sure every video recorded, a story published, and event held we promote our key strengths through a creative vision and storytelling. 

TRAITS CAPTURED – Integrity, Results-Oriented, Collaborative, and Passionate are key traits h2o has helped capture through our Shop Local Campaigns, Grits and Issues, and numerous other community projects.

CONTINUED – We hope to continue our long-standing relationship with h2o Creative Group through many more collaborative-based projects.

CAMPAIGNS – The groove of h2o and the Chamber is in one phrase “a solid collaboration.” Consistent positive and timely communication is the key to a successful relationship between two companies. We have it with h2o. We can speak openly about our visions and goals as it relates to different campaigns, so the end products are exactly what we envisioned.

GOALS – The primary goal of every project we work on is to have it directly benefit our community. We strive to constantly access the needs of the business community and strive for innovative solutions to advance and promote a positive business climate. We believe that h2o does this well by adapting our website to meet the needs of our marketing and event efforts while also capturing the hard work we do through our events and community-based projects.

Conceptualizes – The creative team at h2o always provides creative suggestions on projects as we are building our marketing plan or creative makeup of an event. They say, “I think I get what you are trying to accomplish, here is how we can help” and we appreciate that approach. They want the Chamber to succeed and as a partner knowing we have a strong relationship with them helps us in moving forward with big and small projects with confidence.

The rebranding project was a huge step in forming the strong relationship the Chamber has with h2o. I would be willing to say it laid the groundwork for the entire relationship. They communicate very well with us and always follow up with questions or answers to meet our needs. We understand we are not their only partner, but when we work with them, we feel as though we are. It is a great partnership. 

Guest blog entry by: Ralph Staffins, Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce President and CEO

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